Jonathan Wood (jalussulal) wrote,
Jonathan Wood

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My eyes are red, and they sting from lack of sleep.
I'm wondering if all the middle-aged jews heading to the pool notice how red they really are.
I'm hoping my glasses hide it a bit.
Hugo, the nice portar that doesn't exactly know english is here.
He's asked me three times how my wife is.
He's a funny guy.

Now, as I sit here typing random shit in a way I think is funny, my head is beginning to ache.... also from lack of sleep.
I'm so damn hungry I could eat something Oma made.
Okay thats a lie, but I'm still hungry.
Hugo just asked me why my wife hasn't brought me food, so I tell him she's out of town.
He tells me thats the problem with getting married.
I.. don't quite understand what he means by that, but of course, he might've said something completely different.

I wish I was still in bed.

I'm owndering how many of the people I keep letting in are actual members.
Bleh, who cares.
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