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I had a fight with Oma today about the 50% less fat-light-off-brand mayo she decided Nick and I should be eating
you see my point was simple
I'm not going to eat it because its not the type I would have bought
I... am an adult, and will eat whatever FUCKING type of food I want

its not that she was angry that I'd want a more fatty mayo
its that she thinks me stating the fact that I don't like her choice is me being mean to her

she ignores the point of the argument and instead she whimpers about how I never say anything nice to her

several times while I was making a salad for lunch she came back into the room to say "is there anything else I've done wrong??"
I should've said "you woke up today"
but I'm not that mean, and I don't really think that way, but still, what did she expect me to say?
does she think I'd have pity on her?
just by normal mayo god damnit
and normal bread, and normal milk (she started buying low-fat milk which is practically water)

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